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Mayor,       Richard Fox
Chief,         Kerry Kothbauer
Sergeant,   Stephen Nuffer
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This weeks call report.............

* Extra patrol in cemetery 
* Extra patrol Stuples Hollow
* Arrest for stolen drugs
* Extra patrol on Quarry Road
* Bike stolen from Dollar General 
* Disorderly juvenile
* Suspicious activity Stuples Hollow
* Civil matter
* Four wheeler on road
* Unlicensed motorbike on Railroad Ave

Updated July 21,  2014
S. Nuffer

Just as soon as the weather gets warm it seems like crime picks up in our town. Mostly stolen gasoline.  Keep your guard up especially between the hours of 1:00am to 5:00am. Last year that is when most of the break ins occurred. I am working as much as possible in the early morning hours. Please make sure you make it hard for thieves to break in. Lights are very important, locking your property up is also very important. If you can afford it purchase a camera system like many have done. We will do our best to help during these hot summer nights to protect your property. 
Warm Weather means Prowlers
There is some suspicious activity starting up in the early morning hours. MAKE SURE YOU LOCK YOUR STUFF UP!!!!  LIGHTS HELP ALSO. 

July 21, 2014
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Craigsville Police Department
Craigsville gets a new patrol vehicle!
There was a bicycle stolen from the Dollar General Store last week. The bike is black in color. It is an old police bike. If you have any information please send me an e-mail at nuffersk@gmail.com. 

Steve Nuffer